Lay-by Payments available from Dream Beds & Home

Should you wish to  make use of a lay-by payment, Please send us your name, telephone number as well as the product you wish to purchase, using the online form below or contact us.

One of our consultants will contact you back and guide you through, and arrange the lay-by payment to Dream Beds & Home.

Lay-by terms & conditions:

  • The lay-by option is dependent on the item requested
  • Only some Sale items are eligible for lay-by payment and at a maximum of over 3 months
  • The lay-by option is at no interest and will be at the current store price over a maximum of 6 months
  • If a Layby is not completed in 3 or 6 months term then item is subject to being re invoiced at the current price if there has been a price increase and at a maximum term of 12 months.

    Lay-by Payment Contact Form